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Mitsubishi Motor internal fiber singnal cable,servo cable
Mitsubishi Encoder Feedback Cable,Encoder Cable
Mitsubishi power cable,Servo motor power cable
Mitsubishi braking cable,braking cable,servo braking cable
Mitsubishi CN1 I/O Cable,servo CN1 I/O Cable
YASKAWA Encoder feedback Cable,Encoder Cable
YASKAWA Motor power cable,Motor power cable
YASKAWA braking cable,servo motor braking wire
end emitting fiber optic cable with single OR multi string
Min 100 meter
clear color 0.75mm plastic optic fiber cable
Min 1 roll
Optic fiber Cable Toshiba TOCP200/155 5m 10m
Min 1 m
cheap plastic Fiber Optic Cable good quality
Min 1 1m
AgilentHFBE-4535 HFBR-4535Z plastic optical fiber jumper
Min 1 pcs
PMMA audio connecting cable
  • PMMA audio connecting cable
  • Product SpecificationCore Material: Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin(PMMA)Clading Material: Fluorinated PolymerCore Refract
  • 2019-12-03 19:15  [Chinaguangdongshenzhen]
  •   VIP FP Industry Co.,Ltd  [Unverified]
Min 1 m
AVAVGO HFBR Connector PMMA optic fiber cable 1.0mm*2.2mm
Min 1 pcs
most patch media cable for car
Min 1 pcs
Plastic optical cable HFBR-4501Z HFBR-4511Z  jumper wire
Min 1 pcs
Media-oriented transmission
  • Media-oriented transmission
  • Product Detail:Low Attenuation PMMA optic cable , Signal Communication CableConnector PMMA Plastic optic fiber cable 1.0
  • 2019-12-03 18:42  [Chinaguangdongshenzhen]
  •   VIP FP Industry Co.,Ltd  [Unverified]
Min 10 pcs
Extension cable wit SAE connector to SAE connector
Min 500 pcs
SAE connector to battery terminal with SPT-2 18AWG
Min 0 pcs
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