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Zr68kce-Tfd-522 Water Chiller Scroll Compressor Copeland

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Guangzhou Qishanr Technologies Co., Ltd. are supplying Zr68kce-Tfd-522 Water Chiller Scroll Compressor Copeland
Product Name: Zr68kce-Tfd-522 Water Chiller Scroll Compressor Copeland Model NO.: Zr68kce-Tfd-522 Refrigerant: R22/R407c Voltage: 380-420V, 50Hz, 3pH; 440-460V, 60Hz, 3pH Application: Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, Chiller Capacity: 57500BTU/16900W Power Input: 4960W Trademark: Copeland Transport Package: Wooden Packing Specification: 5.7HP Origin: China Product Description Product DescriptionFrom the food we enjoy every day to the comforts of home at night, Copeland compressors live at the heart of the HVAC and refrigeration systems that homeowners, businesses, and industries have depended on for almost a100 years now.There's areason Copeland is specified by more HVACR professionals than any other compressor brand. Every product is engineered and tested for ultra-reliable, quiet operation, and we are constantly improving the technology to meet today's energy and environmental standards.And our award-winning Copeland Scroll technology and support continue to redefine the possibilities for indoor comfort and livability.Key FeaturesAdvanced Scroll Temperature ProtectionThis feature protects your compressor from excessively high discharge temperatures. ASTP eliminates the need for adischarge line thermostat through our unique internal protection system. ASTP provides superior reliability, reduced warranty rates, and more value to the customer.Fixed Speed Compressor LineupOptimized for the commercial air conditioning market, our products offer high efficiency levels for full load and part load conditions.Modulating CompressorsIn advance of government efficiency regulations, modulating compressor technologies solve the challenges faced by the commercial air conditioning industry.ZR Series Scroll ,R22, 380-420V/50Hz/3Ph; 440-460V/60Hz/3PhModelOutputCapacityInputCOPDispl.WeightHeightHPWBTU/HWW/Wcm³/revKGmmZR24K3-TFD-522259201820019203.083425.9383ZR28K3-TFD-5222.569102360021503.2239.326.3383ZR34K3-TFD-5222.882002800024804.746.228406ZR36K3-TFD-522389003030026804.749.528406ZR42K3-TFD-5223.5101003500031103.3157.228.6419ZR47KC-TFD-5224115003940034303.3764.228.6436ZR54KC-TFD-5224.5132004488039803.3173.235.4457ZR57KC-TFD-5224.8137004726041703.3477.235.4457ZR61KC-TFD-5225146005100044303.2882.635.8457ZR68KC-TFD-5225.8164005750049603.49338.1457ZR72KC-TFD-5226174006050052003.4398.138.1457ZR81KC-TFD-5226.8196906800058103.43107.840.9462ZR84KC-TFD-5227203307100060003.46113.656.7497ZR94KC-TFD-5228229407950067503.46127.258497ZR108KC-TFD-5229262509000075503.52142.963552ZR125KC-TFD-522103047010600090003.46167.263552ZR144KC-TFD-5221234730120000101003.49190.963552ZR160KC-TFD-52213.3337330130000113003.37209.198553ZR190KC-TFD-52215.845170155000136003.34249.2112598ZR90M3-TWD-5517.5215407500066203.46127.291553ZR11M3-TWD-5519258409000078003.46142.991553ZR12M3-TWD-551102989010600089503.52167.292553ZR16M3-TWD-5511337330130000111703.34209.198553ZR19M3-TWD-5221545170155000134003.37249.2112598ZR250KC-TWD-5222060000204000177003.39325.2142736ZR310KC-TWD-5222574000253000220003.36410.6160734ZR380KC-TWD-5223092000315000265003.47502.7176734Qishanr Technologies is aglobal supplier and marketer of HVAC maintenance and compressor solutions for commercial and residential air conditioning,heating,ventilation and refrigeration field, manufacturing and other industrial applications.Incorporated in 2010,our innovative products have been used by facilities and plant maintenance personnel worldwide for the maintenance of HVAC systems,and producion of AC and refrigerating equipment.Our products include HVAC maintenance machines,refigeration equipment and compressors.Core Markets Served:Commercial/Residential/Maritime/Utility HVACAir Conditioning,Refrigerator,Coldroom,Heat Pump ManufacturingRefrigeration Parts Wholesale and RetailCertification:Packing and DeliveryFAQ1. How long have you been in this field and where is your company?We have been in this field for years and we are located in Guangzhou, the Canton Fair host city, and the capital city of Guangdong Province, near to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, very convenient for trading and shipping.2. What are your main catagories?- Hermetic Compressor (scroll, rotary, reciprocating)- Semi hermetic compressor (screw)- HVAC maintenance supplies- Refrigeration equipment and parts3.Can you offer us quality product at the best price?Of course, Quality is our culture; we always take good care of our clients interest if both are sincere to establish good relationship.4.What is the term of payment?T/T, L/C,Western Union; Trade Assurance online.5.How about the MOQ?1 unit acceptable.6. Cooperative Partners?Gree, Landa, Media, GMCC, LG, Panasonic,Copeland, Maneurop, Performer, Bitzer, Daikin, Hitachi,Highly, Mitsubishi, Secop, Embraco,Chigo, Haier, Sanyo, Wanbao, Sanhua,etc...Contact UsGuangzhou Qishanr Technologies Co.,Ltd.
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